Paw patrol fanfiction marshall dies

Ashes: Marshall you are doing it wrong. You are spouse to put the bandage on like this "shows him on a dummy". Ruskin: "goes to them" Okay! You two stop right there! That is enough you two are acting like little immature pups! Ruskin: "sigh" Its I know. Ryder: Oh Okay. Ruskin you seem quite upset how about you take this mission off. I think we can handle the rest for once with out you. Skye: I kinda feel bad for him. I would be sad to if I was the only pup who didn't have a sibling.

Ryder: Okay pups. I know we are are sad for Ruskin tho I just got a call from the bank they is a robbery. Chase and Shira I need you two to catch the robber. Ruskin: walking with his head down I really wish I had a brother or sister I know Aryana is Rocky and Smoky's adopted sister but she's still their sister Ruskin: Thanks I kinda Bullet: Oh my that's horrbile. I'm so sorry. If i knewAN: Okay so first chapter went alright. Now let's start the second.

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Anybody know when the next episodes of Paw Patrol are gonna comeback? Needless to say, every pup but Marshall had their jaw drop upon hearing that this Travis character was Marshall's original owner. Even Ryder was shocked to learn that his pup's real owner was not only alive, but here. For a long time there was silence as a nervous Marshall and Travis continued to hold on to each other, staring at the others with small smiles.

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Original owner?! I thought Ryder was your owner, Marshall?! We checked the survivor records and everything," said Chase, walking over as he eyed Travis with suspicion. This made Marshall turn his head in confusion towards Travis. Me, Chase, and Ryder all checked the news but you're name or your parents didn't come up. I thought you were dead.

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Charged Up ⚡ Ep. #2 🐶 Nick Jr.

Travis bit his lip and hugged Marshall. Some of the rescue boats took us to different ports. It caused a huge mix up on who was alive or dead when they finally did all the paper work. I did search for you, but you're name came up on the deceased list. When I saw that I…" Travis buried his head into Marshall's shoulder and began to weep. Marshall, seeing this, quickly went to work comforting his owner by licking his cheeks. The others were moved by this to the point where Rubble and Skye were misting up.

When I saw your name there I felt like I lost my best friend in the whole world. I was shattered and… it took me a long time to move on. He lowered Marshall to the ground and smiled. I didn't believe it at first, but when I saw a picture of you and your team in the papers I recognized you at once.

And here I am.A New Discovery. If you're light-heart, read at your own risk. This is chapter 1. The rest of the chapters will be released in I've been slow to progress because of unfortunate events that occurred in my life, however I can assure you all it's fine. Here are all the details in relation to the story.

Title: The Death Cure. Ryder, Rocky and with the help of a few friends will have to react quickly to develop a cure to curing the pups before it's too late. It makes it more difficult as there is also difficulty, harshness and tension that arises during those situations.

Chapter 16 will be the epilogue. Occasionally, it wasn't to be interpreted to any person. A cure could devastate a whole united country. But how; you may ask.

paw patrol fanfiction marshall dies

A population could go baloney just to get their hands onto a suitable cure that its user would benefit from. Fighting, rioting, squabbling Nobody could've said otherwise.

However, this virus was in no relation to the description above. Only pups got it, and only Adventure Bay knew about it at the moment. That was the origin. The Lookout came into-view. It was a well-structured, hi-tech building containing an observation deck for required missions solely. The lowered level or lobby was mostly used for hang-out times, mostly used for t. The Lookout was a cylinder tower, compromising the colors blue navy and red as well as accommodating a telescope, occasionally used by Ryder when in need.

They were loving it, and there was nothing that they would change, considering the amount of memories filled with content that they experienced daily, or if not, practically daily. Ryder was an amazing owner and sometimes it occurred to them if that would convert, defining they were developing into maturity.

Were they?The story focuses on Marshall leading the team to search and rescue their team-leader Chase, who they don't know got in a rock-slide avalanche and his lower body and legs are stuck where he's unable to get out.

While on patrol across Adventure Bay, The PAW Patrol's team-leader Chase gets caught in a rockslide up in the mountain, loses his pup-tag and can't get out. Around downtown, at the beach, in the woods, at the barnyards and in the mountains. After he was done and was about to head back home to the Lookout, he heard a hoot.

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When he got closer to the sound, he looked down and saw his small owl friend Little Hootie. He gotten his wing stuck under a rock, luckily Chase got it off him with his teeth.

The boulder squashed on the Shepherd puppy and it made his collar loose and it flew off his neck. Chase Now just only in his gear without his pup-tag "Oh no! How do I get out? While the pups were playing, Ember got a signal from her pup tag " Attention: Chase is lost and his pup-tag's came off from getting stuck from a boulder.

To the PAW patroller! The pup-tags buzzed and Marshall ran backwards to the PAW patroller.

paw patrol fanfiction marshall dies

The pups got up and ran to the dressing room where they zipped up their vests, tightened their pup-packs and plopped on their rescue hats. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].Log In or Create an Account.

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PAW Patrol: Pups Save Chase

Paw Patrol Fanfiction. File type : Text File. Removing the blanket from her body, she sat and shook her head, letting out a yawn quickly after. The memories of the last attack didn't let her sleep too well, that added to the possibility of being attacked again after seeing the pack of scavengers around them last night. The Husky sighed, preparing herself mentally for the tough times.

The last victim of those creatures was still asleep. Marshall was still right next to her, sleeping quietly like a baby. It was fortunate that his leg wasn't an impediment for him to doze off like normal.

Again, the memories of the last day collided against Everest, how he defended her, what he said The mountain pup leaped off and carefully opened a gap on the doors.

White snow, a blue clean sky, one that you can only find in the South Pole, and no one to be seen.

A Surprising Discovery

It was too strange, she feared that those animals had smelled Marshall's blood, but they were gone. She decided that this was an opportunity to get moving, so she returned to where the Dalmatian was. The pup moaned and yawned still somewhat tired, slowly trying to open his eyes. Everest still watched him with worried eyes, then sighed. Just wanted to make sure you were feeling better. So, she jumped out of the Ambulance real quick, taking a big breath once she landed on the thick snow.

Again, nothing around. She took the chance and activated her tag, to see in she could possibly get a signal. Sadly, even after several attempts, it didn't work.The pups were heading back from a failed mission. A very failed mission. All six vehicles were swerving, each pup unable to focus on the road.

No one in Adventure Bay would be able to ponder what had just happened. Marshall was bringing in the bad news in the back of his EMT converted truck. Chase was leading the escort, then Marshall, and the other pups trailed behind. They were at a slow pace, which really signaled the depression.

Everyone in Adventure Bay knew something was wrong when none of the pups stopped by to say hi. They knew something was worse when they realized all six pups were deployed but Ryder wasn't leading on his ATV. Ryder wasn't there at all. The six vehicles pulled up to the lookout in. Marshall gradually got out of his truck and opened up the doors in the back of the ambulance.

In the back of Marshall's ambulance sat Ryder's body. Motionless, lifeless. The pups weren't going to be able to survive or live on without him. None of them wanted to. Marshall put his paw on Ryder's face.

There was no body heat being generated. It was inevitable. All the pups collapsed and broke down. Ryder had fell to his death. None of the pups could've done anything to help him.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5.

paw patrol fanfiction marshall dies

Chapter 5. Marshall woke up slowly, his head still throbbing. All he remembered was falling off the boat dock and a thud of his head hitting a stone. He also remembered Chase being there. Marshall stood and looked around. There Chase was, in a cage laying on his side. No answer. He looked around and started barking. Chase shook his head and looked at his surroundings.

Marshall shrugged his shoulders and started to paw at the locks. Who cares! Marshall wish he didn't care. He wanted to hear Chase ask with panic where he was even though he was right there with him. Chase began to whimper. Marshall wanted to roll his eyes. Suddenly, there was a loud crash.


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